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New Beginnings

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Background and Purpose

Net-2-Success, Inc. was formed five years ago as a community outreach self-help organization. The organizations motto: “Find a need and meet it” is the focus of its mission, and is a 501 © (3) non-profit spin-off organization. The mission of Net-2-Success is to increase the capacity of low-income, low achieving and at-risk individuals to be self-sufficient. We are committed to targeting members of these populations un-met social, economic and educational needs in our community. To provide information and educational initiatives that connects people and programs in such a way that increases the chances of self-sufficiency, while diminishing the pitfalls of failure.

Poverty and culture affect not only the lives of families and individuals who are in need, but our community as a whole. All individuals are valuable and deserve the opportunity to contribute to society economically, socially and otherwise. We believe that society functions best when the community at large is involved with the process of caring for the needs of its members in a dynamic and inter-dependent way.

New Beginnings, Net-2-Success has been an all-volunteer organization since its inception, however we are looking to add minimal staffing positions to increase our capacity as programs expand. The board of directors of N-2-S include individuals with diverse backgrounds in community public services and private business. The board meets monthly to review individual organization efforts and discuss ways to coordinate its very limited resources to effectively move them to serve the targeted population.

The operating budget of the organization is small and derived from contributions from private donations and New Beginnings church contributions.

It is our vision to develop educational initiatives and programs connecting in partnership with community business and local educational institutions, social and economic self-help organizations that increase the opportunities for self-sufficiency for those in our community who that without outside intervention are most likely to fail.

Many individuals and organizations within our community share our vision with regards to providing for these basic needs, creating positive change, and providing for an avenue to achieve self-sufficiency. Our goal is to work to establish relationships within the community that will cultivate partnerships between N-2-S and the community, which promote the dignity and rights of all people, and increase understanding and respect among diverse populations, which comes through economic independence.

Since its inception in 2002, Net-2-Success has been a partner and financial supporter of the Alachua County House of Hope, Inc. a local transition house that works with ex-offenders to provide a three-month readjustment period after prison life. Giving them the opportunity to be mentored by successful role models, and instructed in the basics of good citizenship, life skills and planning. They are also matched with a businessman and given on the job training as a means of gainful employment and discipline for their re-entry into society.

Our organization has developed a partnership with the Alachua County School Board as a volunteer group assisting with its G.I.F.T.S. Program (Giving Important Foundations To Students). The scope of this program is to meet with the at-risk, the low performing and kids with behavioral problems and to work with these discouraged students on a regular basis. The main goal is to motivate the student to achieve and stay in school through establishing a one on one relationship, serving as a positive role model. Our volunteers provide over 60hrs per semester to three low performing schools in Alachua County.

Net-2-Success has developed a partnership with The Alachua County Health Department to provide HIV/AIDS testing and counseling, teaches abstinence and prevention education on HIV/AIDS. To date we have conducted three community outreach HIV testing events: at Copeland Community Park (1 event) and at Lamplighter Mobile Home Park (2 events). HIV/AIDS Black Church prayer week (March 4-10, 2007)

New Beginnings sponsored a community event on Tuesday March 6, 2007. The program was open to all community pastors and churches, and anyone who wished to be informed about the problems relating to HIV/AIDS in the Black community. Ms. Parker and Ms Wynissa McConnell conducted the seminar. Ms Parker is the region 13 Minority Aid Coordinator for the Alachua County Health Department.

James A. Thomas, Executive Director

Elder Jackie Reynolds, President

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